Transportation service for your horse!

Transportation service for your horse!

Are you looking for someone to transport your horse? Do you just need transportation a few times a year for your horse? Is it an emergency or you just don’t have the time?

paard-klein-ght-homepaginaGlobal Horse Travel is the answer to your questions / solution for your problems! You can rent a transporter with driver and transport your horses with one of our specially equipped STX horse trucks..

Fully equipped

Our trucks are fully equipped with continuous camera-surveillance, air-conditioning, navigation, trailer hitch en temperature control system. They have a fully closed front and back partition to ensure a safe transportation of your horses. There is also a storage aria at the back of the truck.

Experienced drivers

Our experienced drivers have a horse transportation certificate and our trucks meet the newest legal demands. They are being maintained & certified on a regular base.


  • Nederlands
  • Français
  • English

in and outside of Belgium

We transport your horses in and outside of Belgium, wherever you like us to go.