Terms and Conditions Global Horse Travel

  1. General

Our services take place under the applicability of the FAVV and additionally the General Transport Conditions. Cross-border road transport takes place according to the CMR convention. All disputes arising from or connected with the agreement(s) concluded between the parties shall be settled by the competent civil court within whose jurisdiction our domicile is situated, unless the cantonal court is competent. All our agreements, services and products are exclusively governed by Belgian law. Supplemented by our general terms and conditions. Deviations can only be agreed with us in writing. The other party’s own terms and conditions remain unaffected, if not in conflict with the Global Horse Travel conditions. In that case these conditions will at all times prevail. Global Horse Travel can at all times change and/or modify its conditions provided that this is in accordance with applicable law. The General Terms and Conditions can be viewed on our website at all times and will be handed over when the contract is made.

2. Acceptance and execution of services

Global Horse Travel only requests information for the execution of the requested services. When there are particularities with the horse(s) which possibly have consequences for the wellbeing of the horse or the safety of Global Horse Travel employees, one is obliged to report this in writing prior to the transport. Serious damage caused by a horse is for the account of the client/owner. Global Horse Travel can at all times refuse a transport without explanation. Global Horse Travel is authorised to charge costs at its own discretion if necessary for the well being of the horse such as extra stabling, kilometres and veterinary. This also includes extra waiting time of the drivers when for example a horse does not want to be loaded or the documents are not in order. For this, we charge €35,-extra per driver per 30minutes.

3. Cancellation

A booking / order confirmation is binding, a truck is reserved which cannot be filled at short notice. This is also the case if it turns out that a horse cannot be loaded due to lack of valid health papers, (registered) passport or if the horse does not allow itself to be loaded and the safety of the horse and/or personnel is endangered as a result. When an order is cancelled within 3 days beforehand, the full invoice amount still has to be paid.

4. Payment

The invoice must be paid within the period stated on the invoice or, if agreed, no later than at the start of the assignment. The client can also issue a one-off authorisation for us to debit the invoice amount automatically. In case of reversal, an additional €10,- will be charged. For intra-community payments, the client must immediately provide a valid VAT number with the name on the order. Before the VAT rate will be set at 0%, a VAT validation will be requested. This only applies to clients outside Belgium and within the EU. If the payment term is exceeded, 5% interest per month may be charged on the outstanding amount.

5. Liability

In accordance with Article 11 sub G of the General Transport Conditions and Article 17 paragraph 4 sub F of the CMR Convention, horses are transported and handled at the client’s risk. Global Horse Travel can therefore not be held responsible for any injury suffered before, during or after transport and during loading and/or unloading. Global Horse Travel transports under General Transport Conditions and the CMR Convention, this means among other things that there is only a limited cover in case of accident or calamity. It is possible to take out an additional insurance. If you wish, we can provide you with a quote for this. We will place this policy with an insurer who specializes in insuring horses. In the event of force majeure on our part, we may decide to suspend our obligations or change the time/date. If the force majeure situation has lasted longer than ninety days, the parties have the right to dissolve the agreement in writing. That which has already been performed pursuant to the agreement shall then be settled proportionately.